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March 8, 2012

Hi everyone … and welcome to another little Katie P blog for the epic Red Bull Bedroom Jam 2012!

We have now done seven – wow –  shoots for RBBJ 2012, and it’s great meeting so many new people and checking out new bands!

This week, the RBBJ team jumped on a train up to Newcastle – and then hopped to the nearby Blythe – to film a Bedroom Jam with TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT!

The lads – Chris, Gary, Alex and Anthony – were the youngest band we have filmed so far, and the chaps welcomed us into Anthony’s flat early in the morning (after they had been having an all-night sleepover to get ready for the Bedroom Jam shoot).

TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT had decorated Anthony’s bedroom, on the first floor of the house, with hundreds of posters and rock images, as well as hanging up one of their show banners across the window – looked great!

As usual, there was a cheery pet on hand to wag along to the songs – and get under our feet – and this week’s contributions came from Jake! He’s 11 years old, very calm and friendly… and only flinched once when the band starting playing very, very loudly.

Here is Gary trapped in his rock kingdom behind the kit as we get ready to start filming…

Guitarist Alex is really into his hard heavy hardcore music, and we had fun trying to film through his ear-tunnels. Weird!

Nice little bit of band-branding on the edge of the guitar there Alex! Too Close For Comfort!

Once we were all set up and we had interviewed the band, their family, friends and had attempted to start a fight between Alex and Anthony in the garden, the band started their jam – and it sounded great! Here is a cheeky taster of some of the footage thanks to camera king Carl.

So there you go! TOO CLOSE FOR COMFORT ladies and gents!

You’ll be able to see their show on Monday, March 12, on at 5pm, where it will stream live, and then be hosted forever AT THIS LOCATION for you to watch again and again!

Meanwhile, the band at the top of the Buzz Chart at noon on Monday will be the next ones through to RBBJ 2012 – so keep supporting your favourites!

I’ll see you Monday at 5pm!

Katie x

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