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August 29, 2012

This week all three of our Red Bull Bedroom Jam finalists are shooting a special new music video with the RBBJ crew.

Matt from Dead Harts have given us a bit of an inside look into the style and idea behind their video – which will be up online soon!

“We’re all about our live performance so we concentrated on that for our video with the Red Bull guys. There was an option of a storyline but we went straight for full performance. Ours was shot at Yellow Arch in Sheffield, the room gave us loads of space to throw stuff about and still fit the RBBJ team in.

We liked the idea of projections and shadows being involved so there were three different projectors during the shoot. The footage used on the projectors was a variation of collisions, natural disasters and generally interesting archive footage which had flashing imagery from our album artwork (by Ant Allen @ Skull and Bones Boys Club) sewn in.

The shoot itself involved full takes of us guys going nuts to the track “All Washed Up”. Within the day we probably got through 20 full takes (which pretty much nailed us) and then a few individual takes where the team got a range of angles on each of the band members on their own. Tiring yes, but it was an insane experience.

The film the Red Bull team took away with them looked insane, can’t wait for everyone to see the finished product! Gotta give a huge shout out to those guys too, awesome dudes!”

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