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September 3, 2012

Our RBBJ finalists I Divide shot their brand new video last week.

Check out the blog the lads wrote about the experience!

“After the excitement and celebrating died down from finding out that we made the RED BULL BEDROOM JAM FINAL, we had to put our heads down once again and start brainstorming some ideas for our brand new music video, courtesy of Red Bull themselves.

We’ve always tried to put a lot of thought into our music videos, and try to tell a story mixed with a certain amount of emotion to really make it a rollercoaster for our fans to experience. You can see the last video we made for our track ‘Burning Out’ here –

It took a long time to come up with the concept for this new video, as we didn’t want to fall into the trap of giving into the first idea we have just because of the short length of time we had available to us. After a few days of discussion and deliberation, we had an ideas that we were really happy with. The next challenge was to find the right actors and extras that would be able to pull off the job. We advertised to our fans, friends and family through our Facebook page and were extremely lucky to have a massive response and managed to acquire some absolute diamonds.

On Wednesday night, we began shooting the performance side of the video. It was great to be able to work with the usual Red Bull crew again and to bounce some ideas off each other with the location we had chosen. We were very lucky to be find a great room to shoot in thanks to the great people at Seale Hayne, who helped us out with the location for our last music video as well –

We spent hours into the night shooting us jumping around like idiots over and over and then over again, until we had all of the right shots and angles. We aren’t strangers to shooting music videos so we were well aware of the time required to getting it looking good, so we were more than happy to put the effort in. We also had with us a large group of extras who were used to build our audience for the shoot. I won’t give too much away about the concept, as that would spoil it, but i’d like to say a massive thank you to everyone who gave up their evening to help us out.

The next morning we got up early (which wasn’t easy after the night before I can assure you) in order to start shooting the side story to our video. We met all of our actors as a location in Torquay and began shooting. They were all great and again, I just want to say a massive thank you for them all giving up their time. I can’t really thank them enough as they were all fantastic – to name a few, Matt McGrath, Emily Haigh, Ben Parkin, Elaine, Chris Hines and Steve Wreford. Also, a big thank you to the owners of the Half Moon in Paignton for letting us take over their lovely pub for a few hours.

Overall, it was a great experience and I can’t wait to show everyone the results. I purposely have tried not to give too much away so that you can all fully enjoy the story and concept when it’s fully released, so make sure you all check it out.

See you at the final ;)

I Divide!”


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