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May 15, 2012

Everybody is still reeling from the excitement of Monday’s announcement – none more so than the eight bands who found out they’re going to spend the summer playing awesome rock festivals!

Some of the bands dropped me a mail to let me know just how happy they are. Bless.

GOLDEN TANKS: “We can’t wait to party hard this summer at some of the festivals we have wanted to play since we were 12. This is a platform we can build on as a band and we can’t wait to show everyone what we are about. This is the best opportunity we have had as a band so will be grasping it with both hands!”

REACHBACK: ”We just finished our first day of recording and we had just left the studio when we found out we had been picked! We were driving through Cardiff and we were honking the horns and screaming out the windows! We can’t wait to pack our things and head out on the Red Bull Bedroom Jam Festival Tour with the other bands. This is going to be the best summer ever!”

STRANGLE KOJAK: “Monday was insanely tense!! We’re all so chuffed and grateful to be through! There were quite a few points where we were starting to think it might not happen but we all stayed confident and kept our heads up and luckily all the hard work paid off! We’ve got quite a few things were about to announce that are going on throughout the summer for us and this has just absolutely topped it off perfectly! We really can not thank our fans enough and we just want to find a way of showing them how much we appreciate it!”

ADELAIDE: “We’re genuinely thrilled to bits that we’re getting the opportunity to play such prestigious festivals this year. It was a nail biter but we couldn’t be happier with the judges decision and are looking forward to the summer, it’s gonna be a blinder! Big love to the judges, Red Bull, Jim, Miss Katie P and every one of our fans that helped us get to this point. We’ll see you at the festivals. BOOM!”

I DIVIDE: “We’re immensely super extremely crazily amazingly happy that we’re through to the festivals. Our lives have been spent dreaming of this and I can’t express how much we screamed like little girls when we went through. The fact that we’re playing these festivals is the most incredible news ever ever EVER! No one in the world is more excited than us right now. Thank you to everyone who has been voting for us like crazy people, you mental kids are the ones who have got us to this point and we literally couldn’t be more grateful. WHHHAAAYYYYYYYY!!!!”

MECHANICAL SMILE: “You have no idea what this means to us and we can not wait, to play the festivals. Unbelievable, a small band like us taking on the biggest and best UK festivals is a dream come true. We cannot wait to get started. We are absolutely ecstatic. This is going to be the best summer of my life. To be given this opportunity is just amazing. We cannot wait to play Download. It is just incredible!”

THE JELLYCATS: “You know like when your so happy your mind just goes blank? Well yeah that’s us! We are really happy, excited and overwhelmed with the support we received during the Red Bull event and gobsmacked we topped the Festival Chart – it’s so amazing!”

You can check out all of the band’s Red Bull Bedroom Jam shows over at this link.

Everyone is so excited!


Katie P


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